Dream Party
The three issues are of major concern for the Dream Party:
Ø Advancement of minimum wages
Ø Civil Unions
Ø Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell
During the economic woes from 2007 – 2010, the employment outlook has been gloomy at best. There is greater polarization between Americans who are rich and Americans who are poor.
Advancement of minimum wages (Economic Equity)
Raising the minimum wage doesn’t automatically lift low-income people out of poverty, but it helps to ease the burden of living with a mild increase.
Women and other Minorities
Working Women reap greater benefits from a minimum-wage increase since they fill more low-paying jobs in healthcare, hospitality, and the retail industry. Minorities account for 1/3 of all female workers, according to raiseinwage.org, so raising the minimum wage proves especially beneficial to them.
The “Ripple Effect”
A higher minimum wage often exerts a “ripple effect” in American culture. When the government raises the minimum wage, companies and organizations tend to follow suit.
Civil Unions
Civil Unions are the agreement between two people of the same gender, living together as “partners in a consensual relationship.” The benefits concerning these couples should be equal to heterosexuals. As Americans, they should have the same benefits as other tax-paying Americans who work and pay into the same system.
Private companies should adhere to the State practices under the Civil Union State statues.
Insurance companies should offer the same policies to Civil Union couples similar to hetero-sexual living situations.
Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
All Americans who chose to serve in the armed forces should be allowed to do so.
President Obama’s top defense officials told the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, February 2, 2010 that the military will no longer aggressively pursue disciplinary action against a Gay service member.
Homosexuality is not constituted as being less patriotic or loyal while serving America.
The “Don’t Ask - Don’t Tell” doesn’t cost American tax-payers anything. Most recent estimates about this policy can be found at: http://www.law.georgetown.edu/solomon/background.html