Party Platform

Oversight: Brian

6-8 pages:
  • Based on core principles and target voter base(s)
  • Entirely original, only references statistics, studies, and legislation

Skeletal Platform:

Civil Liberties
I. Civil Liberty Restoration
a. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act
i. indefinite detentions
1. habeas corpus
ii. domestic surveillance
1. FISA/warrants courts
2. National Security Letters
b. Equal rights for gays and lesbians
i. civil unions
ii. don’t ask, don’t tell
c. Pro-choice
II. Laissez-Faire
a. Anti-bailout
i. auto industry deregulated
b. Job creation
i. minimum wage increase?
ii. short-term fiscal stimulus
iii. long-term deficit reduction
c. Federal Reserve Oversight
III. Privatization of Social Security
a. Social Medicine
IV. Congressional Term Limits
V. Earmark Reform
a. Line-item veto amendment
VI. Deficit Spending, Balanced Budgets
a. maintain trade surpluses
b. consumption tax
VII. Troop Drawdown Abroad
a. benchmarks
b. realpolitik
c. prohibition on private contracting
i. defense/security
ii. reconstruction
VIII. No Child Left Behind